ABCS Extreme Weight Loss With Chris Heidi Powell

Dated: 10/19/2014

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I decided to be a bit more personal today :)
My Oldest daughter Jennifer Snell from Lovell, Wyoming has been chosen to be in next years series starting in May 2015!!!
The picture is of my family and I supporting Jennifer with T-shirts on our trip to Wyoming in September. (My niece Katie's great idea)  If you have ever watched the show, you know they have a hometown reveal after a 3 month boot camp in Denver Colorado. So after not seeing my daughter for 15 months and her being gone from her children and husband during boot camp, we all got to fly to Wyoming to welcome her home. We can't tell you much due to the airing of the show next year, but let me just say it has changed her life! Chris and Heidi give all contestants counseling, teach them how to shop and cook in a healthier way, and work their butts off! :)
Please look for her next May on ABC'S EXTREME WEIGHT LOSS...Thanks for letting a mother shoare. And yes I should be following in her footsteps...Lord knows I have a few pounds to  lose :)
So in an effort to keep me moving, Call me and we can go look at houses to buy :) Becky Shiffer 541-913-9910

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