How Much Does An NFL Referee Make For The Super Bowl

Dated: 02/01/2015

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The average NFL salary for referees for the 2013-2014 season was $173,000. A Super Bowl referee then is paid in relation to the overall salary he earns each year.


How much does an NFL referee make for the Super Bowl?Credit:Rob Tringali/SportschromeGetty Images SportGetty Images


Even though the referee job is considered a part-time gig, referees in the NFL must do more than show up for the game once a week. They are also required to spend at least 35 hours each week preparing for the event, studying the rules and training physically. Travel time is also a part of the assignment. Rookie referees usually start at around $78,000 annually.

While baseball referees and umpires typically make more than NFL referees, they also work multiple games each week.




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