Dated: 01/25/2015

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Animal Planet Treehouse Giveaway

By Angelica CarilloPublished: Jan 23, 2015 at 11:20 AM PST

SPRINGFIELD, Ore. - A Springfield family is one of the three finalists for an Animal Planet treehouse giveaway.

Laura Olds and her family were on their way to dinner when she found out the deadline for the competition was that night.
The family put dinner plans on hold to sign up for the giveaway. 
When Olds got to the bottom of the form, she realized she had to create a video. 
She gathered her husband and her three kids and quickly put together a video on an iPad and submitted it.
Then they went to dinner.
About a week later, the Olds found out their "Elvish Escape" was one of the finalists to have their dream treehouse built.
"The Olds would like a whimsical treehouse that combines their love of nature and fantasy," according to the contest website. "It would have a grand staircase, a secret bedroom and a natural shower for a beautiful way to clean up after a hike with their three energetic kids."
The deadline to vote online TODAY!!!! PLEASE VOTE! Thank you Becky Shiffer :)

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